British Values

British Values supports our curriculum and everyday practice at Mulberry Kidz.  How we implement British Values:

Mulberry Kidz staff team actively implement these British Values, therefore the children are encouraged to do so also.  Being positive role models is so important to our team.  The children are guided and supported throughout their time at Mulberry Kidz, but they also know they are valued as a person.  The children have constant access to choices, being actively involved in their learning as well as being encouraged to make their own decisions and all of the children are encouraged to have their own voice.

At Mulberry Kidz the children are supported, but at the same time the team provide children with activities which support their learning and development suitable to their age and development.  Our teams encourage the children to work as a team, problem solve and try to work things out for themselves.  Golden rules, family times and together times give children time to speak confidentially, be involved in their own learning and feel valued as a person.

Forest School promotes the British Values by encouraging the children to work together on projects where turn taking and the children’s own ideas are effectively valued.

Children are highly involved in creating rules; the children used their own ideas through their own experiences to create the Mulberry Golden Rules.  Other rules and boundaries are also created through games and play with the children.  Children will respond to rules they have created themselves.

The Forest School approach which Mulberry Kidz follows allows the children to take risk, to become more confident and to set their own challenges.  Children will learn through trial and error; but they do need to be given these opportunities to enable them to push themselves.

The managers and leaders work closely with the Mulberry Kidz team to create an ethos where every child and staff team are valued and faiths, cultures and races are celebrated.  The children at Mulberry are a big part of this culture where every child will get to celebrate these values with us.  Children will naturally enjoy being part of such a positive and influential atmosphere.

The resources and provision will create a holistic celebration of valuing one another through a range of resources and space where children can build positive relationships, explore the environment through their own choices and spend quality time in small groups which will promote children to build on their confidence.  The ethos at Mulberry is to celebrate everyone’s individual achievement and success.  Children can also decide on their own successes and be rewarded with a WOW star and praise through acknowledgement.